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Optimise your business’s cloud migration journey with LUNIQ’s comprehensive Cloud Assessments, ensuring a secure and efficient transition to the cloud.

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What is a Cloud Assessment?

Cloud Assessments are a critical part of ensuring a smooth and secure cloud migration for any organisation. At LUNIQ, we recognise that each business is unique, and our approach is tailored to provide insights into your specific data usage, access, storage, and potential security gaps. Our expertise in the defence sector enables us to provide a trusted cloud solution that meets legal and regulatory obligations, while also ensuring that your organisation’s data and infrastructure are secure.

Enhance the versatility and security of your business

By using Cloud Assessments, LUNIQ can enhance the versatility and security of your business during the migration process. Our assessments provide a clear roadmap for defence cloud migration projects, streamlining collaboration between stakeholders and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of objectives and expectations. We identify any potential challenges and work with your team to develop solutions that will optimise your cloud environment for your specific needs. Our approach is designed to provide a seamless transition to the cloud, minimising disruptions and ensuring business continuity.

Build a definitive roadmap to Cloud Computing

Trust LUNIQ’s experienced cloud migration experts to guide your defence cloud migration project to success.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our Cloud Assessments provide a thorough examination of your data systems, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and helping you make informed decisions during migration.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure your cloud migration adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding your sensitive defence data and maintaining compliance.

Clear Migration Roadmap

With a well-defined roadmap, LUNIQ’s Cloud Assessments facilitate smooth collaboration between stakeholders and streamline the migration process.

Expert Guidance

LUNIQ’s experienced cloud migration experts are equipped to handle government agencies and defence contractors’ unique needs, providing tailored strategies and support throughout the migration process.

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